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1. 节日问候


2. 新年外汇交易比赛





结束了一学期的学习,度过了圣诞,及英国非常出名的Boxing Day,相信您在2014年一定有良好的变化及丰富的收获!


愿您在2015年精神饱满,事事顺利,快速进步,并且开心每一天 :-)





About the January contest:

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1) Education: Learn about the currency markets and simulate real-time trading using ForexMaster. Test your skills and see how you stack up against your peers by competing in our monthly school contests (free entry) for big cash prizes.

2) Incubation: Users that demonstrate consistent profitability and astute risk management on ForexMaster will be invited into our Investment Incubator. Once inside, we will assign them to one of 3 virtual camps, based on location. The point of the camps is to centralize users in relative proximity and provide them with further opportunities (networking, exclusive webinars, and other content). We also set a system stop-loss of $5,000 on their ForexMaster account.

3) Graduation: Incubatees that post an ROI of 500+% on at least 180 trades are said to have graduated. But instead of a diploma, we give graduates US $100,000 in seed capital to start and manage their very own hedge funds. This is the finish line that points toward a newer and bigger race.


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